Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Day Has Come

Ok, so I didn't wake up to a phone call from Celine Dion asking to do 'Dion sings Alan in Vegas' but I did wake up to an incredible amount of love from YOU.

The thing that astounded me most was how many people feel like I do right now and in a strange way, knowing there are others out there studying and debating this moment is really comforting to me.

Nobody wrote me a quick 'Read your blog, chin up.' Everyone wrote me stories about where they are in their life right now and I think that was the greatest gift, to feel like we are in this together.  I always feel like there is a lot of pressure for me to be what this business defines as successful, where I always believed success was defined by giving a gift to someone (one person or thousands) through your work.  I think I lost that for a moment.  Thank you for reminding me of it.  I needed it.

I woke up this morning motivated more than ever to get the word out about LIVE and to get it out there as much as possible.  Though many commented that it shouldn't matter how many copies are sold, sadly it does.  I invest money into these albums.  In order to do more albums I must make back my investment, but I truly believe I will.  The energy you put out effects that and my energy this morning is determined.

With that all being said, I thank you for today and am proud of each of you for sharing your stories with me.  I will respond to everyone this week/weekend who wrote yesterday but until then, please keep your head up and let's do this together.

xx - SA 

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  1. Scott, I love your work, I love you and I have no doubt in your ability to be successful. I already think you are enormously successful (but we may be defining success differently) Remember, success will come on its own terms in its on time, but you have to stay committed to your work and your gift. I will tell you that I do my part to contribute to your success. Every single time I have a passenger in my car, I play your music. They are a captive audience :) By the end of our trip - a new fan is born! So I am winning you fans one car ride at a time! You are welcome!