Monday, September 3, 2012


For those whom have followed my recent tweets you have followed my decision to leave New York City behind and make Nashville my home come January 1st, 2013. Many have asked me the obvious question, "Why ?"

The answer is simple: I no longer feel challenged here in New York City.  For the past 10 years I have worked to build a career for my writing in the heart of the world of Theatre.  I have released four successful albums featuring some of today's brightest theatre talent. I have done all this myself.  No agent by my side to land me talent (or take a commission thankfully), no money from awards to help fund these projects.  No, I worked hard and financed these projects on my own from working numerous jobs bartending, serving and being a barista to get the first two albums off into the world.  I have been so incredibly fortunate to have had the blessing of some of the best vocalists around the world to share their talents giving life to my music and my lyrics.  Even more fortunate has been the incredible support that I have gotten from the wonderful audiences around the world who have participated in celebrating my love for my writing by purchasing these albums and spreading the word of their releases to friends, family and anyone who would listen.

But, now what ? I have worked with almost every performer i've ever dreamt of working with and now with HOME (formally known as PIECE), a show I have been working on for over ten years no longer having life (when I am allowed to speak more openly about this, I promise I will), I had found myself in a deep depression waking up and going to bed every day and night wondering, what's next ?

I am a workaholic.  I am a perfectionist.  I don't enjoy sitting doing nothing.  I need to feel needed and worthy.  I need to be writing and working on new projects.  I need to challenge myself.  I need to continue learning.  So, enter Nashville.

I am planning to take a year, do open mic nights.  Meet other writers in the field.  Understand the craft of writing a successful country song.  Work with the talent in that market and try to get my work in the proper hands and get my work recorded by some of the best country artists around.  I am determined and motivated.  I am excited.  I am not nervous.  I now have a plan and something to look forward to.  I am learning guitar.  I am listening to every country album on the top 20 Country album chart.  I am focused and eager to learn and to make a name for myself in a new market.

 I have been asked if this means I am now leaving the world of theatre.  I have thought about this question a lot.  This is my answer.  I am not theatre. I am not country.  I am not pop.  I am a songwriter.  I don't write shows.  That is not my strength.  Never has been.  I write SONGS.  Single, stand along songs.  Some of them have a pop sensibility. Some of them are incredibly theatrical.  Some of them lack any theatrics at all.  Many have high belting.  A few of them have modulations.  Fewer have a double modulations. Many have my off rhymes hated so much in the theatre world (but thankfully loved in the pop world).  All of them have my heart in them.  All in all,  I am not 'one thing.'  I write.  I am not a prodigy like some of today's brightest writers in the theatre market and I am proud of what I am.  I taught myself how to play piano when I was 18 by writing music.  I play simple chords and I write from my heart because writing is my therapy.  Thankfully, my writing has transitioned to become others therapy.  I love the voices and talent in the theatre market and for that reason, I will never stop writing for their voices. As soon as next week, I new crop of talent will enter New York City.  I love new talent.  They inspire me.  I know I will need to return to write for them and all those that will follow every single year in this majestic industry of theatre.  I am sure I will record a fifth album featuring their talents in the near future (I will even be heading into the studio with West End's Samantha Barks next month to record a brand new song).  This isn't goodbye.  This is just a new and exciting chapter for me and I hope you will take this ride with me.

Never give up wanting to learn and better yourself.  Never allow others from sticking you into one category.  Be who you wish to be.  Let others judge you because they always will.  You can't prevent that.  Nor should you try to be better to prove anything to them.  You should do it to prove to yourself that you still have a reason to get up out of bed in the morning.

I love you all and thank you for your continued support.

xx - SA