Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month ... My Story.

As October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month I thought I would share my story. 

I moved from Massapequa Park to Cold Spring Harbor in 1990 and attended a brand new school, Cold Spring Harbor High.  Bullying started right away.  I was a very slender, very pale adolescent. I wore thick rimmed glasses and had no fashion sense.  Our school ran from 7th - 12th grade and I would often be the subject of many grades bullying objection, whether I was thrown into lockers, called a fag, spit on or had my hat taken off my head and thrown around while calling me a loser.  This was an every day occurrence for me.  It began from the second I got on the school bus to the moment I got off the school bus.  I would get punched, laughed at and ridiculed daily.  

I had two friends in Junior High school.  One was Chris and the other was Amy.  These were my only friends, but the friendship ended in 8th grade on a school trip to Washington DC.  Chris and I were roommates.  I think peer pressure had the other kids in the school asking Chris why he would remain friends with me and so during the trip, Chris proved to the other kids his strength by beating me up in the back of the bus with five other guys joining in.  My shirt was ripped, my body was bruised and I held back tears.  Sadly, no teacher came to my aid and when I told a teacher I wanted to go home because of this brutality I was laughed at and sent back to be punched and kicked for the rest of the trip.   

I remember the trip very vividly.  The trip concluded on my 14th Birthday.  I remember my mom picking me up after the bus let us off at school.  I remember getting home, going up to my room and swallowing pills.  

I remembering being upset I woke up.  

I continued to be bullied throughout my days at school.  Because I was a daydreamer, I would often get teased by the teachers as well as the students.  I remember one teacher in particular would make me a case study for the students, telling me I was dumb and would never go anywhere.  She, in turn, would tell my parents I was disrespectful in class and I would be punished for my actions both in school and at home.  At times it felt like I couldn't get a break.  

In the Summer of 1993 I attended my first theatre sleep away camp.  I was sent for 9 weeks to Stagedoor Manor.  I remember being on the bus to Loch Sheldrake and surprised nobody was beating me up or calling me names.  The bigger shock was the reaction I got when I told a counselor on the bus that I was listening to 'Godspell.' The reaction: Everyone started singing 'Godspell.' THIS WAS MY HOME.  For three Summers I felt loved, supported, understood, celebrated, determined, optimistic, relieved & fulfilled. I performed 9 different shows throughout my Summers, from 'The Secret Garden" to "A Little Night Music." 

But, every Summer has to come to an end and back to school and reality I'd go.  

When I was a senior, we had a section of the school called 'The Commons' where we'd go and eat our lunch.  One day, I went to the table I always went to and the words "YOUR A FUCKING FAG" were scratched in to the table.  I looked up to see a group of kids sitting by the fireplace laughing.  I started choking back tears, went to leave and was pushed into the wall, screamed at, spit on and tripped.  

I was 17 years old.  

I went home, wrote my suicide letters and overdosed on sleeping pills. 

I was rushed to the hospital, given charcoal to drink and some other disgusting tasting drink I don't remember the name of.  

I remember getting wheeled in for x-rays and there was a boy, around my age, who was taking the x-rays and asked me why I'd wanna kill myself.  I remember crying and being embarrassed but also wishing I could be the one to ask that question instead of answer it.  I was put into a mental hospital for the night.  The nurses were incredible.  The people there understood me.  They took time out to talk to me and ask me questions.  The next day my parents took me home but I secretly wanted to stay longer.  

I graduated from High School a few months later.  In those last few months, life slowly started getting better. I got the opportunity to make some new friends - Chicky L., Christine B & K, Jessica C. & Elissa S.  This was my group.  I could tell them everything.  I even was able to tell them that I had a crush on a boy in my grade named Kevin Spellman.  We'd call him Karen and when any of us saw each other in the hallways we'd say 'Karen's looking hot today.' 

After a Summer in which I would get called back for the role of Mark for the first national tour of RENT (after sneaking into an audition after being typed out) I started my freshman year at Emerson College in September of 1996 where I'd meet one of my best friends, Ellyn Marsh and some other incredible people and mentors who would help transition me from an insecure kid to someone who started to have hope for the future.  

Getting to college I found those who believed in me and supported me.  Sure, there was still the dramatics of life but I finally felt free. 

I can't imagine being a kid in this new social media world.  I can only imagine how much worse it must be.  I still get bullied by people on twitter and facebook, tagging me to let me know how worthless my work is. My skin may be thicker now but sometimes the armor isn't always on.  It may still hurt at times but I am older and wiser and am now able to block those assholes ;)  

My story is told because I am one of the few that made it through the bullying.  So many others don't. 

I have a lot of young followers.  Many who go through the same obstacles AND others that are 'the popular' kids.  The truth is, if I had one person to love me and help make my days at school manageable, life could have been so much easier.  

Please be good to one another.  If you see someone being picked on, stop it.  If you find yourself gossiping about someones lack of affordable clothing, stop it.  If you notice a girl or boy dealing with sexuality and being teased for it, stop it.  A smile, a 'hello,' a 'come sit with us for lunch today,' can go extremely far.  Be the Chicky, Christine, Jessica and Elissa and make someone feel special, important, loved.  As dramatic as it may sound, you truly may be saving someones life.  

For those needing someone to talk to, there are incredible helplines. Remember, you are NOT alone.  I LOVE YOU and so you now know there is always someone in this world that loves you and wants you here. Who else is going to sing my songs when Shoshana Bean or Ramin Karimloo get sick ? 

Please use the helplines below. 

BRAVE (which stands for ”building respect, acceptance, and voice through education). The hotline’s number is 212-709-3222. Kids have 24-hour access to professionals who can provide supportive listening, crisis intervention and suicide risk assessment.

CYBERBULLY HOTLINE - http://www.cyberbullyhotline.com/how-it-works.html 

THE TREVOR PROJECT - The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.
The helplines number: 866-488-7386

CHILDLINE - For any kids in the UK that feel like they have nowhere to go, childline is available online at http://www.childline.org.uk and phone : 0800 1111.

xx - SA

Monday, September 3, 2012


For those whom have followed my recent tweets you have followed my decision to leave New York City behind and make Nashville my home come January 1st, 2013. Many have asked me the obvious question, "Why ?"

The answer is simple: I no longer feel challenged here in New York City.  For the past 10 years I have worked to build a career for my writing in the heart of the world of Theatre.  I have released four successful albums featuring some of today's brightest theatre talent. I have done all this myself.  No agent by my side to land me talent (or take a commission thankfully), no money from awards to help fund these projects.  No, I worked hard and financed these projects on my own from working numerous jobs bartending, serving and being a barista to get the first two albums off into the world.  I have been so incredibly fortunate to have had the blessing of some of the best vocalists around the world to share their talents giving life to my music and my lyrics.  Even more fortunate has been the incredible support that I have gotten from the wonderful audiences around the world who have participated in celebrating my love for my writing by purchasing these albums and spreading the word of their releases to friends, family and anyone who would listen.

But, now what ? I have worked with almost every performer i've ever dreamt of working with and now with HOME (formally known as PIECE), a show I have been working on for over ten years no longer having life (when I am allowed to speak more openly about this, I promise I will), I had found myself in a deep depression waking up and going to bed every day and night wondering, what's next ?

I am a workaholic.  I am a perfectionist.  I don't enjoy sitting doing nothing.  I need to feel needed and worthy.  I need to be writing and working on new projects.  I need to challenge myself.  I need to continue learning.  So, enter Nashville.

I am planning to take a year, do open mic nights.  Meet other writers in the field.  Understand the craft of writing a successful country song.  Work with the talent in that market and try to get my work in the proper hands and get my work recorded by some of the best country artists around.  I am determined and motivated.  I am excited.  I am not nervous.  I now have a plan and something to look forward to.  I am learning guitar.  I am listening to every country album on the top 20 Country album chart.  I am focused and eager to learn and to make a name for myself in a new market.

 I have been asked if this means I am now leaving the world of theatre.  I have thought about this question a lot.  This is my answer.  I am not theatre. I am not country.  I am not pop.  I am a songwriter.  I don't write shows.  That is not my strength.  Never has been.  I write SONGS.  Single, stand along songs.  Some of them have a pop sensibility. Some of them are incredibly theatrical.  Some of them lack any theatrics at all.  Many have high belting.  A few of them have modulations.  Fewer have a double modulations. Many have my off rhymes hated so much in the theatre world (but thankfully loved in the pop world).  All of them have my heart in them.  All in all,  I am not 'one thing.'  I write.  I am not a prodigy like some of today's brightest writers in the theatre market and I am proud of what I am.  I taught myself how to play piano when I was 18 by writing music.  I play simple chords and I write from my heart because writing is my therapy.  Thankfully, my writing has transitioned to become others therapy.  I love the voices and talent in the theatre market and for that reason, I will never stop writing for their voices. As soon as next week, I new crop of talent will enter New York City.  I love new talent.  They inspire me.  I know I will need to return to write for them and all those that will follow every single year in this majestic industry of theatre.  I am sure I will record a fifth album featuring their talents in the near future (I will even be heading into the studio with West End's Samantha Barks next month to record a brand new song).  This isn't goodbye.  This is just a new and exciting chapter for me and I hope you will take this ride with me.

Never give up wanting to learn and better yourself.  Never allow others from sticking you into one category.  Be who you wish to be.  Let others judge you because they always will.  You can't prevent that.  Nor should you try to be better to prove anything to them.  You should do it to prove to yourself that you still have a reason to get up out of bed in the morning.

I love you all and thank you for your continued support.

xx - SA 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You've Got a Friend ...

I wanted to let you know of a very important evening that i will be taking part in.  On August 26th I will join Carly Jibson and many of her friends as we come together to raise funds for her mothers health care bills after her diagnosis of stage four lung and bone cancer.  

Carly has been a wonderful friend and I have had the privilege of getting to know her mother Renee over many cocktails in the past.  I would do anything for my friends and I really hope that you can come support my friend as we host an evening to support her family.   (INFORMATION IS BELOW)

I will do another blog update in the coming week.  And, as always, this blog will post to my twitter and facebook pages even though I am technically on a short leave from both social media platforms.  

Xx - SA

Friends of singer-actress Carly Jibson will gather Aug. 26 at the Laurie Beechman Theatre to raise their voices in song for an evening that will benefit Jibson's mother, who is suffering from stage four lung and bone cancer.

Renee Zimmerman is 55 and has no health insurance. The evening will help to raise funds for her healthcare.

Currently scheduled to perform at the 7 PM concert, which is titled Cancer's Expensive, are Eden EspinosaChad KimballJackie Hoffman, Leonard Sullivan, Caissie Levy, Katie Thompson, Alysha UmphressJenna Leigh GreenMarty Thomas,Nick Adams, Scott Alan and the cast of Off-Broadway's Fat Camp.
Jibson will host the evening, which will feature musical direction by Joshua Kartes.

In addition to the performances, an auction will be held featuring personalized memorabilia from Marc Shaiman and Scott WittmanMichael McKeanand Annete O’Toole, Jesse Tyler FergusonBruce VilanchJoan Rivers, Ricky Lake and Perez Hilton.

Tickets are $25. The Laurie Beechman Theatre is located inside the West Bank Café at 407 West 42nd Street at Ninth Avenue. For more information and tickets, call (212) 695-6909 or visit www.beechmantheatre.com.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Coming Clean ...

As I take a break from both Twitter and Facebook (though you should see this blog post as it is connected to my twitter and Facebook pages), I thought I'd take to my blog to share insight into my life, something I haven't really done on a regular basis in a very long time.  
This blog has to do with something very difficult to discuss but something that needs to be talked about.
In 1997 I was diagnosed with a form of vertigo called Ménière's disease (also suffered by Broadway's Kristen Chenoweth) after having various spells of dizziness and balance issues. I never truly believed that what I was suffering from was actually Ménière's disease but knew there was obviously an issue and it was obviously vertigo related.  On occasion I would suffer from a horrible set of vertigo symptoms once or twice a year, if not more, often having to lay down on the side of the street or at the gym and hold on to anything around me so that I didn't fall off the face of the earth (those that suffer from vertigo understand what I mean.  Your body feels like you are falling and spinning at a fast rate and all you can do is close your eyes and hope it goes away quickly.  My symptoms never lasted more than an hour, thankfully.  I had, at the time, heard of many suffering for days - oh, just you wait).

In 2009, while doing a concert at the Leicester Square Theatre and debuting my song 'Free' for the first time, I got hit with a horrible hit of vertigo which brought out a horrible anxiety attack which didn't really help matters.  I was in front of hundreds of fans, I couldn't see and I knew the only choice I had was to close my eyes, end the song quickly and pray to God I was able to get myself to my dressing room before throwing up (I did, slamming the door in Ramin Karimloo's face).

For any of you that have ever gotten food poising or drank too much one night, you know that feeling of fearing that particular food or never wanting to smell cranberry juice ever again. Well, I feared being on stage. Every time I would be on a stage, I suffered major panic attacks.  My neck would tighten. My jaw would tighten. My shoulders would tighten.
Shortly after, my vertigo systems became a daily obstacle - and those obstacles have led me to today.   I wake up with vertigo and go to bed with vertigo.  I am nauseous daily.  I do my best to not entertain those around me with my 'woe is me' complaints but my closest friends and my family are very aware of this issue.  I mean, we all suffer from something, right ? (Cancer and lactose intolerance being the worst, obviously).

I do acupuncture once a week, take muscle relaxers to deal with my thousand muscle spasms I suffer from in my neck, take my meclizine for the daily hits of nassau, keep white noise surrounding my left ear filled with the beautiful sounds of tinnitus all while hearing from doctors about what may cure me (I'm sure some of you know someone suffering from vertigo and will tell me of some ancient medicine they used but trust me, I've tried it all). Oh, and I do what one should never do with vertigo - drink to help control my anxiety attacks (for those who wonder why I drink at concerts, now you know).  
My life has kept me from what I love the most; performing my work.  If any of you have seen me in concert, you normally get a musical director taking most of the stage time and me closing out the set with a song or two (though I did have a great month in LA a year ago and had the privilege of playing the entire concert without any major incident.  Xanax helped).  This wasn't always the case.  At the start of my career, I accompanied all my performers.  I use to sing most of my concerts.  That is how I like it.  I like to be apart of it all.
If you ever watch videos from the past few years of me playing, you will often see my holding on to the piano during the song, hoping I don't fall as my vertigo takes over my body (though, this is normally panic attacks causing a vertigo affect.  Or so that is what I believe as there is no real diagnosis to ever know the truth).
Well, with life quieter then it has ever been before and my career in a holding pattern for a moment, I am finally taking care of my health.  I am removing myself from social media for a bit.  Trying to get away from the computer (minus this blog, obviously), starting physical therapy next week to try and release any trauma my neck my have experienced at that concert (it is one thing I've never tried and I was instructed to. I'll try anything and maybe it is stress related cervical vertigo caused from whiplash (yes, supposedly you can get whiplash from more than just car crashes.  Surprised me, too). 
It is time to focus on me so that I can get back to doing what I love to do, which is focus on others.  Yes, that also means I am also taking some needed time out of my life for some dating (I think I met someone, but I won't say much until date 10 or a proposal), meeting new people, talking about other things then musical theatre and caring for my newly blind dog, Billy (poor boy is walking into everything.  He and I are like the blind leading the blind).

I hope you will give me a pass for my absence from Twitter and Facebook (I have gotten many emails from fans asking where I am and if my twitter page was ransacked by pirates because I decided to delete all my past tweets in a moment of wishing to delete evidence of my past once I return, I guess).

I will return to it all but it's time to return to me, first. 

I will keep updating this blog so check back for updates.  Writing a blog for an hour is much healthier then refreshing my twitter page for twenty-four and much healthier on my neck and shoulders and spinal chord.  

Until then.  

Xx - SA 

ps.  Thoughts on Mariah's new single Triumphant ? I like the 'Vintage Throwback Remix.'  Though I am not a huge fan of the original version I will say that I think it's admirable for an artist to stand by their passion for the music they like even though they know it's not the popular choice.  I would obviously like my 90's Mariah to spread her wings and fly but if she's happy, in her gold tight skinned cut out dress with rappers I've never heard of, shouldn't we be happy for her ? 
http://www.mariahcarey.com to hear both versions before weighing in.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Day Has Come

Ok, so I didn't wake up to a phone call from Celine Dion asking to do 'Dion sings Alan in Vegas' but I did wake up to an incredible amount of love from YOU.

The thing that astounded me most was how many people feel like I do right now and in a strange way, knowing there are others out there studying and debating this moment is really comforting to me.

Nobody wrote me a quick 'Read your blog, chin up.' Everyone wrote me stories about where they are in their life right now and I think that was the greatest gift, to feel like we are in this together.  I always feel like there is a lot of pressure for me to be what this business defines as successful, where I always believed success was defined by giving a gift to someone (one person or thousands) through your work.  I think I lost that for a moment.  Thank you for reminding me of it.  I needed it.

I woke up this morning motivated more than ever to get the word out about LIVE and to get it out there as much as possible.  Though many commented that it shouldn't matter how many copies are sold, sadly it does.  I invest money into these albums.  In order to do more albums I must make back my investment, but I truly believe I will.  The energy you put out effects that and my energy this morning is determined.

With that all being said, I thank you for today and am proud of each of you for sharing your stories with me.  I will respond to everyone this week/weekend who wrote yesterday but until then, please keep your head up and let's do this together.

xx - SA 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anything Worth Holding on To

I have horrible writers block and so I figured I'd see if I could write a blog instead.  About what, I don't know.  I figured I'd just write about life and let it lead me wherever it wished to.

     My life right now is in a weird placement.  I released LIVE three weeks ago.  Every time I finish an album I always say 'NEVER AGAIN.'

     When I put 'What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up,' into the world I was extremely proud.  It felt like the strongest collection of music that I'd done up to that date.  It was all very personal.  It was all very raw.  It felt like an incredible closing to a challenging start.  Sadly, it was also a huge flop (well, in terms of sales).  Like the album prior, 'Keys,' it had undersold expectation (Keys still remains the poorest of all sales, but 'WIWBWIGU' is a very close 2nd).  I swore I would never release another album again.

On June 26th I released LIVE, a double CD featuring some fan favorites and some new compositions and sung by some of the greatest vocalists of our time (including Lea Salonga and Liz Callaway, two of my childhood idols) recorded LIVE at Birdland on April 30th during two sold out concerts.  The concert itself was a mighty challenge on its own.  I wanted to get every performer on the album on the cover, I wanted new arrangements and orchestrations of some fan favorites.  I needed to re-write some lyrics so that I could change the gender on many of the songs. It was a huge undertaking but I was up for the challenge.

Thankfully, so were all the incredible people who helped put this album together, especially from Jesse Vargas who's orchestration and arrangements exceeded my expectations. Jesse and I have been working together for many years and he has done the arrangements and orchestrations on every album with the exception of a few songs on Keys and one song on WIWBWIGU.   Joining us again as our engineer was Paul Vazquez, who's work I stand by over and over again.  Listen to this LIVE album and tell me it doesn't sound like a studio recording.  He brilliantly focused his energy on bringing out our incredible orchestra made up of 13 of the best players and some of the most brilliant vocalists i have ever had the honor to know, let alone sing my lyrics and music.   Then, add on top of that the incredible cover photo by Nathan Johnson, the book art by Robbie Rozelle and I thought: THIS IS IT.  THIS IS MY GEM.

    Though the album has only been out for three weeks, it's already sold EXTREMELY poorly.

     It's upsetting, to say the least.  I really thought this would be a sure fire hit.  The reality of the situation is very depressing.  As strong of a collection as I think it is, there's really not much that can be done.  I can't force performers to support the album and tell the world about it.  They get paid to come, sing, and go back to their lives.  I can only ask.  As far as getting the word out from the press world, I have written emails to everyone.  I have sent follow up emails.  I have sent follow up emails to those follow up emails.  Nothing.  (If you know anything about me, you know another follow up email is already in the works). Word of mouth is essential for an independent release and after the first three days of its release that word of mouth slowed down considerably.  Yes, I still see people tweeting "Just bought LIVE," but that's one person a day at most.  I totally understand the album costs $19 and that price is expensive for a lot of my followers, so it's all turning out to be a very strong lesson.  Of course, I say to myself 'NEVER AGAIN.'

     With LIVE already out there, I at least was excited about HOME, a musical I've been working on for over nine years.  I have given so much of my blood, sweat and tears to this show.  It has seen three different playwrights, three different producing teams but only one songwriter.  I have written over 70 songs for the show and if it continues to have a life, I expect to write more until we settle on the final version.

     On the 19th of June we presented a reading of HOME.  Christy Hall, the current playwright, and Jen Bender, our current director, and I had worked on the script to really tighten it and tell the best story possible.  Did we succeed ? It really depends on whom you ask.  I had conflicting opinions from friends who came to see it.  I was proud of the work we had done.  Some people thought we took huge leaps forward and some thought we took some minor (yes, only minor) steps back.  Personally, I thought our script is in the strongest place it's ever been.  The biggest argument we had was 'there are three hit songs back to back and it feels like three different endings.' Not the biggest issue and easily fixable (though, which song gets cut is a conversation that will take a lot of thought to decide upon).  Either way, there was a momentum gained and even a press release that said 'Home aiming for Broadway in Fall of 2012.  We went into the reading with high expectations and a lot of excitement.  We have since come back to reality and await an update from our producers on what comes next, if anything. Christy is in LA and Jen is in Australia.  I am in NY waiting for a call.

     I will say this. HOME has broken my heart before, but it always fixes itself.  I truly believe in this project or I wouldn't have spent the last nine years trying to find it's path to its ultimate home.  I think it's unique and unlike anything you have ever seen before (the main argument I always hear is 'This is so different I don't know if it will be successful.' To me, that is an amazing compliment).

So, that's where I am in my career right now (Don't even get me started on taking care of a newly blind dog or my non-existant love life - oy!).

 I wanted to be as honest as possible with each and everyone of you.  I think it's important.  I don't want to show you a fake ideal of what to expect once you enter this industry (today I am down, but tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it may offer.  Maybe Celine Dion will ask to record 'Home.'  Anything is possible).  I also find so many of my contemporary composers expecting to profit in the way that 'Dreaming Wide Awake' was able to.  I am learning that sometimes you only hit gold once and that is ok.  That doesn't make me any less proud of the work that I have put out there in 'Keys,' 'What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up' and 'Live.'  That also doesn't mean that they shouldn't put themselves out there and celebrate their work that way I did in 2007 and continue to do year after year.  It just means to be truthful in why you are doing this. When I released Dreaming Wide Awake I only knew that nobody else was giving me a platform and I was tired of waiting for someone else's ok.  I worked three jobs for a year (Starbucks at 4:30 - 8am; Lunch shifts at Paris Comune and 8pm - 4am at Stonewall Inn. No, I never slept but I believed in my work, not sleep), raised the money and put it out there in hopes that I would attract an industry in wanting me to be apart of their world.  Instead I found an industry that distance themselves further away from me (that's a whole other blog) and fans around the world who embraced me for who I am.   Each album since was not so much wanting to replicate the sale of DWA but to continue growing my empire around the world.  Yes, I wanted to make a   profit from the sales of each album (DWA continues to outsell every album every single month - even the months that a new album is released.  Go figure) but I also wanted to continue giving my gift of music back to the people who have continued to support me.  You.

     I am totally in ramble mode right now.  Some will see this blog as a man complaining that he believes his career is washed up.  Others, I hope, will see the honesty of what I am hoping to convey (and yes, maybe my career IS washed up.  If so, I had a great run).

     In closing,  I have no clue what tomorrow brings me.  I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.  As for today, this is me.

                                                                                    Xx - SA

Monday, May 7, 2012


Here is the final track listing for the upcoming "LIVE" album:

2) I’M A STAR – Natalie Weiss
3) PLEASE DON’T LET ME GO – Jeremy Jordan
4) AND THERE IT IS./MAGIC – Louise Dearman & Julia Murney
5) NOW – Laura Osnes
6) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – Pentatonix
7) KISS THE AIR – Caissie Levy
8) ANYMORE – Raena White
9) THE DISTANCE YOU HAVE COME – Richard Fleeshman
10) AGAIN – Christiane Noll
11) AT THIS MOMENT – Marc Broussard
12) BLESSING –RJ Helton
13) ALWAYS/GOODNIGHT – Sierra Boggess & Jane Monheit

1) WATCH ME SOAR – Stephanie J. Block
2) SURRENDER – Melissa van der Schyff
3) HOME – Liz Callaway and Ann Hampton Callaway
4) TILL THEN – Christopher Jackson
5) I’VE ALREADY WON – Alexander Sage Oyen featuring Jack Beatson, Paul Ianniello, Mindy Pack, Nick Pitera, Sidonie Smith, Heather Traska, Camille Trzcinski and Stefani Wood
6) OVER THE MOUNTAINS – Ben Fankhauser
7) SAY GOODBYE – Willemijn Verkaik
8) FREE – Mykal Kilgore featuring Danielle Greaves, Christina Robinson & Kenneth Robinson
10) LOOK (A RAINBOW) – Lea Salonga

11) TAKE ME AWAY – Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karmiloo (studio recording)
12) IGNITED BY A DREAM – Scott Alan (Live)